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 The Village of Tarenfeld
The Village of Tarenfeld

Village of Tarenfeld: designed 2000 by Regina, queen@phantasineum.de
The map was created with the Campaign Mapper Core Rules tool.

The village of Tarenfeld is an Almorian farming community of about 250 inhabitants, which lies about 10-15 miles from the border to the Great Kingdom.
Were it not for the military Fort at the Nothern edge of the village, nobody would probably have taken notice of the village.

Important People and Places:

Mayor Narwalden
Luthar Kandorn, farmer
Bran Rolfen, farmer
Church of the Four Seasons
  (Father Benedikt, Denok, Derissa)
Old Tarenfeld, Inn
  (owner Malrios L'Arrand )
Deep Well, Tavern
  (owner Amelia)
Gored´s Tavern
  (owner Gored the Drunk)
Clarion´s Market Hall
Astaya´s Tower
Fort Tarenfeld
  (Officer Varmart von Glorenfeld)

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(c) 2001 by Regina, queen@phantasineum.de