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I have been DMing for more than 15 years and roleplaying is still one of the most interesting hobbies for me.

One of the things that fascinates me is the development of campaigns. There has to be a plot, an underlying story that links the different adventures and motivates the players to continue.

Though I don´t have as much time as I used to, I try to come up with something; even if I only use materials, that were published by a Gaming Company or a fellow roleplayer.

I´ll try to give a brief overview over my AD&D campaigns. Apart from that, the pages are to be used as a collection of information for my players as well.

Please contact me and let me know what you think about it.

This is a TSR/Wizards of the Coast Campaign World.
It is also my favourite campaign world, as it gives the DMs greater flexibility concerning the cooperation of personal ideas.

I have currently two Campaigns running in Greyhawk.

Almor Campaign: Tarenfeld

This campaign has only just started. As my players may read these pages, I will include relevant gaming materials here, but will refrain from giving away too much of the background.

Adventurers of Dyvers

This is campaign has been running since 1991 and is currently a one-on-one campaign with characters in varying levels.
Also have a look at my Characters´ section!

Al-Qadim, the Land of Fate

This is a TSR/Wizards of the Coast Campaign World with an Arabian Nights feeling to it.
I wanted to try something different for once.

Gralfsee - only German

A two player campaign that´s based on a German RPG supplement, detailing a large town (Gralfsee) and the surrounding countryside.

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