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Playing games on my computer is on of my favourite pasttimes - should I happen to have nothing else to do.

Of all fantasy related PC games this is the one I currently like best:

diablo2 - Blzzard.com

Please note that this Site is still

Under Construction !

I am member of a Diablo 2 Clan called
Bloody Angel´s Clan.
We meet for games in Closed Battle.net Europe.

You can find me though my two accounts:
Riddlemaster and [BA]Riddle

My favourite character is the Amazon.

Open B-net:
Jalera - spear-amazon
AmazingFlash - bow-amazon
Closed B-net:
Secrestia - bow-amazon
BA_Pearl - spear-amazon
Closed B-net Hardcore:
BA-Amatira - spear-amazon

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